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inked2x [userpic]

Seeking the country life? Looking for an investment?



- 3 bedroom farmhouse that was built in the 1880’s but has been remodeled (Bathroom and living room were renovated in January 2008)
- Central air
- Fireplace
- 10+ acres (mix of woods and tillable land)
- 3 story granary
- Fenced-in dog kennel
- 2-car garage with a loft
- Panoramic views of the river valley
- Wooded hiking and horse trails
- Abundant wildlife – great hunting!
- Commuting distance to the Twin Cities or Rochester

Room Sizes:
- Living Room -15 x 22
- Kitchen – 15 x 20
- Den – 17 x 10
- Laundry – 9 x 6
- Master bedroom – 15 x 15
- Bedroom – 15 x 8
- Bedroom – 12 x 8
- Porch – 11 x5
Total = 1808sq. feet


Check it out at:
31891 County 45 Blvd, Red Wing, MN  -
MLS#: 3458129
Click here for pics .....

Email the owner for more information

or contact: Linda Meerkins (Edina Realty) at 651-385-6264 or LindaMeerkins@edinarealty.com


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None More Black [userpic]

The success of the first six months of Darktwincities.com has been more than satisfying, and we're greatful so many have visited, patronized and contributed to our site. We have a number of plans for expansion in the coming months which include a page dedicated to interviewing musical acts, artists and local luminaries, the potentiality of a regular DTC podcast, a page devoted to local retail outlets and those that offer services relevant to the needs of the community, and many more ideas that have been suggested by a variety of people involved in the site. Things are looking rather exciting for us as we move ahead.

For now, we would like to take the opportunity to promote our most recent venture. We have acquired a brilliant young ingenue with an extensive background in the medical field who just happens to have dated most every psycho in the Twin Cities area. Her education, street smarts and extensive experience, coupled with her acerbic wit, make her the perfect candidate for our own version of the "advice column." SmartAlix will be premiering soon on Darktwincities.com, but we need inquiries to get us started.

Advice columns are, admittedly, ridiculous space-fillers on the Variety pages of most periodicals. They're a kind of literary train wreck at which many can't help but stop to gawk. We are aggressively soliciting your problems, concerns and assorted muck about which people are sick of hearing you whine. SmartAlix is ready to tackle any problem you have, be it medical, emotional, psychological, or...well, what else is there? Surprise us.

Send emails to SmartAlix@darktwincities.com. Columns will begin appearing as soon as we have enough submissions. We guarantee it will be an interesting and entertaining read. Hell, it might even be educational, to some extent. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frelsun [userpic]

I've mentioned how even though I have been harassed by cops in smaller areas, so far, I have not had any problem with the cops in the Twin Cities.

Knock on wood.

After a hard day of working for my corporation on Thursday, I was walking down Hennepin Ave in Downtown Minneapolis, which is one of the major streets in downtown Minneapolis. I was near by my bus stop which is on the corner of 6th and Hennepin. One of the county sheriffs called for me to stop. But I kept going. They came after me. I had to do a quick cost benefit analysis of how I was going to balance assertiveness and not being foolishly risky. I realized I did want to go to work the next day. The cops told me I went through a red light! (If you have ever been to downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis, you realize people do this ALL the time; people are often oblivious to stop lights even right in front of cops). I was asked if I was feeling alright a couple of times. The one sheriff duty got my id and radioed my id in; he found nothing. I said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to them; all I did was give my id. Fortunately, the cops let me go after my id was clear and I actually made it to my bus on time, but I was upset! There I was minding my own business. As I have told others before, I almost never have trouble with "criminals" so even when I go in the rough areas, I don't have too much fear, but when the cops are around, I get nervous. I fear police more than the so called criminals :/

Plus Minneapolis has lots of crime, so there is no excuse to focus energy on people crossing the street when the light is red. I'm not even 100% I did cross when it was red.

Frelsun [userpic]

Tell me about upcoming punk shows in the Twin Cities. Where and when.

The best of us can find happiness in misery [userpic]

did anyone in here go to brown college or north hennepin (community college) for video game design? did you like it, hate it? did you get a job afterwards? stories, please!

Frelsun [userpic]

Can anyone tell me if there are any Oakdale postcards anywhere? If so, where can I find them? Barring that, are there any Maplewood or North St. Paul postcards? Something tells me there are no Landfall Village postcards.

inked2x [userpic]


I have to liquidate my CD collection and I am wondering where the best place to sell used CDs is in the Twin Cities. 

I have about 200-300 CDs to sell - 50's - early 90's stuff, with most of it being artists from the 80's.

I am open to all suggestions.



liturgically lambent [userpic]

A few of the many choices of things to do at Goth Prom:
Visit Chanteur Neil's Dark Confessional and face your judgement!
See into the future with a reading from Om Jyotish!
Watch Lillybee play with fire so well that you'll wish you were the flame!
Become instantly addicted to XXX from VitaminWater!
OK...enough exclamation points. I'm excited. See you there.


The best of us can find happiness in misery [userpic]

my friend is coming down from canada for my 25th birthday on saturday. we dont have a ton of money, but we want to have some fun. i do not go out a lot, so i do not know where to go. i dont like valleyfair or water, so those are out. so are loud clubs. any suggestions??

inked2x [userpic]

Fellow LJers .... thinking of moving to the country?  Know anyone who is?

How about this:
- 3 bedroom farmhouse that was built in the 1880’s but has been remodeled
- Central air
- Fireplace
- 10+ acres and a small barn
- 2-car garage with a loft
- Panoramic views of the river valley
- Wooded hiking and horse trails on the property
- Commuting distance to the Twin Cities or Rochester  (Property is in Red Wing, MN)

ALL FOR $259,000 ($40,000 UNDER the appraisal price.)
Other offers considered …  and after 4 offers falling through  .....  HIGHLY MOTIVATED seller!

Check it out at: http://lawrencerealty.us/red_wing_listings_20744.html (MLS: 3300963)

(If you know ANYONE who might be interested, please, please pass this on!! I've got to sell....)

*posted by the property owner*

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