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Twin Cities Off Topic
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July 2011
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inked2x [userpic]
Puppy Wanted

·         Seeking a large - extra large breed (Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfies, St. Bernard  ect..) female puppy.  

·         Open to mixed breed and willing to pay a reasonable rehoming fee.  (Homeowners insurance has said they will not cover pittbulls or pittbull-mix breeds.  :-(  )

·         Would like a puppy that is 6 months or younger.

·         Willing to spay/neuter and provide documentation of procedure.

·         Plan to obedience train and socialize. (Will provide documentation of completed courses upon request.)

·         Dog would be an indoor dog w/access to outside for exercise and space.

·         Can take the puppy ASAP after approval/application process.  (Have XXL indoor crate, chew toys, leash ect..)

About us:
- Own approx. 5-7 acres in the country (Currently have some fencing, looking into underground fencing as well.)
- 1 10 year old mixed breed rescue female dog (spay), 2 indoor  only cats (one is 11 and one is 5)  and a few barn cats (ages 4/3/3/)  (all cats are spay/neutered)
- Family is experienced working with rescue dogs and larger breeds
- Someone would be home day and night with the dog (Dog would not be left alone more than 2 hrs at a time)
- Dog would be crated indoors at night
- References available
- Willing to have a home visit
- Have a veterinarian for our animals and budgeted for the expenses of an extra large dog.
- Utilize private pet sitter or kennel familiar with large breeds when on vacation. (Last vacation was over 5 years ago.)

Any information would be helpful.

(Have been contacting rescue organization in the area but puppies go fast. Tried craigslist in several cities  and so far only received replies from scammers.)

Thank you for your time.  (Apologies if this is not an appropriate place to post.)

If you can assist, please respond via email to inked2x (at) gmail (dot) com. (Photos welcome).

Current Mood: curiouscurious

A Rotta Love sometimes has access to puppies that they do not post on their website. Try contacting them through http://arottalove.org/ They do primarily work with pit bulls, but they also rehome Rotties as well.

Also check out Petfinder.